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Airfield Info:

N51 08.7 - E003 28.6
ELEV 95' / 29m
RWY 07 / 25
799m * 45m (CIV) - 2980m (MIL)
Ursel Radio 135.130
Tel Aero Club Brugge : +32(0)9 374 25 75
Tel Vliegclub Ursel : +32(0)9 374 12 90

Operational Hours
FRI: 14h00LT - SS+30 MIN
SAT, SUN and HOL: TKOF and LDG: 10h00LT - SS+30 MIN
After 20h00LT to SS+30 MIN: only LDG allowed (PN)

Local Traffic Regulations
The use of the AD is subject to PPR from the OPR;
AD given in concession to the CIV club outside MIL ACT;
Solo training flights can only be performed after two reconnaissance flights with instructor. The solo training flight must be performed within six weeks after the first reconnaissance flight;
Jet aircraft operations not allowed.

trees between 10M AGL and 22M AGL, caution when crosswind:
North of the RWY, 75M from CL, along the whole length of the RWY;
South of the RWY, 75M from CL, and at THR RWY 25 from THR RWY 07 to 140M east of THR RWY 07



Watch out!

Flight Procedures
RWY 07 and 25 left hand circuit, 1.200 FT QNH


Taxi procedures:
RWY 07 (TKOF):
taxi on the north side of the RWY to the HLDG position of RWY 07

RWY 07 (LDG):
after landing roll out to the second intersection (THR RWY 25), turn left, turn left again, taxi via the TWY to the first intersection, turn left, cross the RWY (check for landing ACFT), taxi on the south side of the RWY to the AD reporting office

RWY 25 (TKOF):
taxi on the north side of the first intersection, turn left, next turn right, taxi via the TWY to the second intersection, turn right, taxi to the HLDG of RWY 25

RWY 25 (LDG):
after landing roll out to the end of the RWY, taxi on the south side of the RWY to the AD reporting office.


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Current Metars - Auto refresh

EBOS - Oostende
2021/07/31 00:20 EBOS 310020Z 26020KT 9999 SCT022 BKN030 16/12 Q1006 TEMPO 26020G30KT

EBAW - Antwerpen
2021/07/31 00:20 EBAW 310020Z AUTO 23012KT 200V270 9999 // SCT020/// BKN023/// 16/13 Q1006

EBBR - Brussel
2021/07/31 00:20 EBBR 310020Z 23015KT 9999 BKN024 16/12 Q1007 TEMPO 23015G25KT

Source : NOAA.GOV

Current TAFs - Auto refresh

EBOS - Oostende
2021/07/30 18:27 TAF EBOS 301706Z 3018/3124 23020G32KT 9999 FEW020 BKN040 BECMG 3021/3023 26018G28KT PROB30 TEMPO 3110/3119 3500 SHRA BECMG 3119/3121 24012KT

EBAW - Antwerpen
2021/07/30 21:28 TAF EBAW 302017Z 3021/3106 24013KT 9999 FEW020 SCT045= TAF LHDC 302015Z 3021/3106 15006KT CAVOK

EBBR - Brussel
2021/07/30 18:27 TAF TAF EBBR 301706Z 3018/3124 23012KT 9999 FEW025 SCT040 PROB40 TEMPO 3018/3102 23015G25KT PROB30 TEMPO 3102/3107 BKN012 PROB40 TEMPO 3110/3120 3500 SHRA

Source : NOAA.GOV


Direction runway 07 :